Seize The Day at Sunrise

We went down to the Sunrise Celebration festival near Frome for the day today. You could argue that not spending the whole weekend getting messy (in all senses) rather negates the festival experience, but it was a fun day out so I say “nyaah!” to your argument.

One of the attractions for us was that Seize The Day were listed as playing. Either they themselves or other people (never quite sure) call Seize The Day protest folk, which seems appropriate – certainly the most common two word phrase at one of their gigs in my experience is “Climate Camp”. They played a fine set even though their violin player Elizabeth was obviously not well and left the stage at various points, and went down so well with the admittedly partisan crowd that even they seemed slightly surprised at the reaction.

After a disaster last year (a river burst its banks meaning they couldn’t get people in, leading to the festival to all intents and purposes being called off), the Sunrise Celebration has bounced back smaller but more focussed. This year, it was on a farm site in Somerset (no, not in Pilton) which was fine for the size of festival, the sun shone all weekend and everyone seemed to be having a whale of a time.

“Continue reading” for a few photos of the festival and more of Seize The Day.

Anyway, here’s a few shots of Seize The Day and the festival in general. The hands in the air moment is the peace sign move from the participatory dance, the Shackle Shuffle, that accompanies the song Guantanamo Bay/Club X-ray. The shot of the half moon is through one of the junction points in the Chai Wallahs magnificent tent.






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