Love Saves The Day pt 4

The original Loft had been forced to close in 1973 and it took David Mancuso 18 months to find and set up a new venue. Other clubs, like The Gallery took full advantage of that time away so it took a little while for the new Loft to find its feet. The music policy was still thoroughly eclectic.

A set by Mancuso at the Loft had a definite structure. The sound system had always aimed for hifi quality and, as it improved even more, he added a prelude section, which might include classical music or Pink Floyd. That led into the intro section, which started to pick up the pace. This became one of the signature intro records. and the title was also an aspiration for the venue itself.

Disco had primarily evolved from soul and funk but European producers started to introduce more electronic instruments and the Motorik beat that bands like Kraftwerk used. Eurodisco was born and threatened to take over the white gay and midtown upscale discos. Nicky Siano would have been caning this at Gallery and Studio 54 in 1977.

Other clubs and DJs came and went but Mancuso and The Loft were always there and turning on a new generation to the downtown underground vibe. Here’s a prime cut from 1977.

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